Tauba Tauba Hussan

Tauba Tauba Hussan
Sigma Entertainers Ltd. © 1996: SECD 511
Music: Atul Sharma
Presentation: Shamsher S. Sandhu

This is possibly my favourite Bindrakhia album. The writing is superb, the music is as good as it generally is (Atul Sharma is still using his usual technique, lots of Dhol while Bindrakhia is singing and a number of other instruments when he stops and there's only music). What I like about it are the slow numbers that have crept in, and especially luk jao taareyo which I think might be the strongest Bindrakhia number yet.

  1. jat da put na kahin
    Lyrics: Gurcharan Virk

    A reasonably fast song, Bindrakhia uses his usual style. The lyrics are quite good as well.

  2. chhalleyan de pichhe
    Lyrics: Shamsher Sandhu

    This song is different, the opening is unlike any other Bindrakhia song, it starts out almost tunelessly and then moves into a very recognizable rhythm. There's a male chorus that butts in every so often, making the song sound a little filmy, but overall the writing is too good for it to descend into something unlikeable. The song, of course, is about a guy trying to tell a woman to be careful in love.

  3. dil de tumbe di
    Lyrics: Shamsher Sandhu

    Okay, so this song isn't what you would play at a bhangra party, unless everyone really liked dancing to traditional numbers. About Bindrakhia's singing, you'll notice in this track how he sometimes moves into an 'almost shout' so his voice sounds even hoarser than it generally does. Of couse the trick is extremely effective and you'll see that when you hear the song.

  4. luk jao taareyo
    Lyrics: Bindi Sainabadi

    This is my favourite Bindrakhia number to date. It isn't a fast number, the thing about it I like is the manner in which Bindrakhia handles the excellent lyrics. You'll notice here how he inserts short stops between each word, but it is a style very different from what he's used earlier in faster numbers (like Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da). So though the song is slow the staccato style gives it a separate sort of speed. You'll notice this in the very first 'luk jao taareyo'. It also does wonders to the interpretation of the lyric itself, since Sainabadi has a number of different conciets he plays around with within the larger structure that is an imperative tot eh stars to hide themselves. This is one song worth listening carefully to. Atul Sharma doesn't ahve as much room here to add his harmoniums, flutes, etc. so the music is almost entirely a dhol providing a backdrop to Bindrakhia's voice.

  5. tauba tauba
    Lyrics: Shamsher Sandhu
  6. kissa lal pari da
    Lyrics: Dev Threekewala

    I like the way this song begins, and I like the entire mode as well. It's a ballad, but a ballad in the oral tradition, so Bindrakhia relates something Dev is witness to. The wailing tumbi that interjects every so often is perfect. All of you'll who like the traditional story-teller will love this song.

  7. dudh mangdi put mangdi
    Lyrics: Dev Threekewala

    The opening music is worth noting here, begins with a simple stringed note and then moves onto a shallow percussion instrument. The song itself isn't any great shakes.

  8. gidhe wich bharhthu
    Lyrics: Malkit Mahi

    This one is supposed to be sung by a woman, but Bindrakhia does a pretty good job with it. There is a slight gentleness in his voice, he won't make it as hoarse as he sometimes does and the csong is a delight to listen to.

Surjit Bindrakhia