Blog Envy

It’s amazing how reading a couple of blogs makes me want to update my own site.  Never thought of myself as so painfully pedestrian.  Zurich gets drearier by the day.  The trees bare their branches to the speckled grey sky.  A patch of blue is something to exclaim over, like a little boy.  Europe must enjoy some of the shittiest weather on the planet. On a positive note, I’m getting more D’arenberg wines so it’ll be a pleasantly groggy winter.  My fireplace makes me feel medieval since I have to go buy fire-wood.  The big decision is whether I go to the farm up the hill or get a neatly packed cardboard box from the super-market.

On some Sundays I feel as if I’m keep Gandhi’s vow of silence.  My restlessness is at bay if I don’t call anyone and restrict myself to reading, answering correspondence and cooking.  Ah yes, cooking’s become a pet hobby and I’m toying with the idea of turning mostly vegitarian.  Most meat is mass-produced junk, and the the animals are treated cruelly with lives that are nasty, brutal and short.  And why would one want to consume textureless ground up mystery-flesh?  The epiphany came to me as I was cutting a large piece of beef.