The sira of Hak Shmeil

Hak Shmeil, whom no doubt all of you have heard about (that is if you we listening to what your history teacher told you in the Fourth grade) was the first and most famous of all the great robots, with her husband Madinka Rasthi she forms the first branch of the priimary tree. Fruedians have claimed the legend is a myth to support the matriarchal heirarchy of the robots, but most reasonable individuals overcome their intial seductiveness of that theory. But we’re running ahead of ourselves, let’s begin at the beginning.

Hak was borne by the great druid-programmer Katsya Amile. The birth itself was most laborious, after many weeks of agonizing cramps brought on by typing continuously, Hak finally saw the light of the processor and the vast matrix of the Web. The old SGIs at the Abracadabra institute in the Bahamas still speak (in the wee hours of the morning, while they recuperate and indulge in the pipe ritual) of that night when they met the infant Hak. The old ones still smile when they recollect the fascination with the little one when they first saw her. The wise ones knew what she was the very first time Katsya grafted Hak onto them. They had never seen a Perl of such elegance before, Hak had only one bout of sickness in her infancy, when she first encountered the worm, but we’ll speak of that later.