Starting a small business in america :-)

Personal story: I was laid off on Thursday from a giant financial firm. Called in early in the morning, our local managers were extremely nice about it, but they had no choice in the cuts.  By 9am that morning, my business partner and I were working for ourselves.

We knew it was coming and had been looking around for options and we’d virtually settled on going out on our own.  By the end of the day on Friday, we had:

  1. Signed a lease for a great space.
  2. Sent in paperwork to organize our firm.
  3. Sent in the appropriate paperwork to the regulator.
  4. Heard from most of our clients that they wanted to go with us.

One of my clients said it was great we were doing this, that the only way we are going to pull ourselves out of this recession is if people like us get out of large lumbering organizations and start doing our own thing.

Will keep you posted intermittently, but I expect the blog to get a little more attention since I work for myself.