Munde Aakhde Pataka

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Munde Aakhde Pataka
Amrit Music Center; AMC 962 © 1995
Music: Atul Sharma

This album has some slower songs, as usual the writing is excellent (wish AMC had put down the names of the lyricists) and is well worth buying if you know and appreciate 'theth' punjabi.

  1. Borah Wali Chhan

  2. Munde Akhde Pataka

  3. Allarhan De Akh

    If there's one reason to buy this album, this song must be it. It's much slower than the others, but very tigh. Certainly Bindrakhia has no inkling of what raggae is, but the effect is very similar.

  4. Pirh Pey Gai Teri

  5. Danne Chugde Kabootar

  6. Gidhey Vich Nachdi Da

    The chorus here is sort of annoying, sometimes Bindrakhia's rusticness becomes too much. But the song itself is quite good and Surjit himself is up to the mark, though the pauses to let Atul Sharma bring in three or four instruments don't come off too well.

  7. Kithey Gaian Mauz Baharan

    This song may have the wrong title, it's about sons who forget their mothers and all that.

  8. Chitte Dand Motian De

    This is probably the funniest song in the album, the drama is involved and well drawn-out. Worth listening to if only to get the various events related, this is more of a comedy in verse than anything else.

Surjit Bindrakhia