Omaha General Election results – Mello loses mayoral race

I know he’s no longer endorsed by DKos, but he is still a Democrat, and there was an election today in Omaha.

It looks like Heath Mello has lost. Omaha Herald says:

There are 282,290 registered voters in the City of Omaha, with 35 percent registered as Republicans and 41 percent as Democrats.

Results from WOWT:

Jean Stothert (R)51,413 53%
Heath Mello (D)44,97747%

Only the 7th district race is competitive on a party basis, but here are the early votes for them.

District 1:

Pete Festersen (D) 7,25886%
Grant Sturek (D)1,16714%

District 2:

Ben Gray (D)2,80864%
Dennis Womack (D)1,55836%

District 3:

Chris Jerram (D)5,74283%
D’Shawn Cunningham (D)1,20717%

District 4:

Vinny Palermo (D)2,41353%
Jim Rogers (D)2,13147%

District 5:

Rich Pahls (R)6,815100%

District 6:

Brinker Harding (R)6,71365%
Dwite Pedersen (R)3,61135%

District 7:

Aimee Melton (R)5,30966%
Brian Thommes (D)2,75834%