Jimmy Carter says he voted for Bernie.

Only hours after Kos’ most recent screed on “Bernie Sanders dead-enders”, “Bernie Bros” and the “alt-Left” hit the front page, former President Jimmy Carter responded to Kos by telling a crowd at the Carter Center he voted for Bernie Sanders.

Just kidding. Jimmy Carter doesn’t give a flying fig what Kos thinks, and neither should you.

But I wasn’t kidding about Carter saying he voted for Bernie.

Count Jimmy Carter among the Democrats with a political crush on Bernie Sanders. So much so that the former president suggests he voted for Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary.

Carter and Sanders appeared together Monday at The Carter Center in Atlanta.

At one point, the Vermont senator launched into a version of his populist campaign pitch.

When Sanders finished railing against a growing American oligarchy, Carter smiled and said, “Y’all see why I voted for him?” — ABC News

Their entire conversation is below and worth a listen, the broad subject was human rights. The video starts with a screening of Valarie Kaur speaking at Rev Barbers’ Moral Mondays.

The exchange about Carters’ vote comes in at 20:30 minutes. President Carter made the comment immediately after Bernie spoke (at 19:00 min) about:

  • How Donald Trump didn’t win the election, but the Democratic party lost the election
  • Bringing workers of all colors into the party
  • a 50 state strategy that crosses red and blue states
  • If we had 80% voter turnout like France, the “Republican party would be a significant minority”.

PS. If you’re having trouble with the video, elencarlena has transcribed the exchange in a comment below.

The discussion touched on health care, income inequality, nuclear weapons and peace. CNN is also covering Carter’s comment on voting for Bernie:

Like Sanders, Carter has long railed against the influence of money in politics. He said in 2015 that the US was essentially no longer democratic in nature.

“Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery,” Carter said. — CNN