Louise Mensch thinks Ferguson was a Russian conspiracy

The twitter musings of an ex-Tory MP would normally not be worth spending time on. But, this is Louise Mensch, who is getting a lot of air-time for her Russia/Putin theories. Here’s another one to add to the list.

This isn’t the first time Mensch has said something that requires a double-take, which is why so many people have stopped paying any attention to her theories. But this is a particularly egregious one, because there is a long history of activists for civil rights, and particularly black activists being accused of being Communist or Soviet/Russian agents.

Mensch has been getting a lot of play on networks and from several Democrats, who should know better:

They should reconsider their support, but really, they should have reconsidered after any of the following incidents. Accusing ProPublica of being pro-Trump or “Bannon”.

Or when she claimed Anthony Weiner wasn’t really sexting a 15-year old, it was a Russian operation to set him up. Or any of her several other questionable claims documented here.

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