AOC lays bare the dystopia that is DC and Capitol Hill.

Some of us have heard of lobbyists hiring homeless and/or impoverished Americans to hold their place in line. But nothing makes it real for the rest of the America like an AOC tweet does.


She’s right, we should be shocked and somehow we’re not. We are the richest country the world has ever known. Our government has awesome powers, it metes out life and death via remote control from thousands of miles away. And in the halls of our supposedly democratic government, the weakest members of our society hold places in line for lobbyists trying to influence our elected representatives with money, revolving door jobs and other perks.

It’s truly dystopian.

I do want to point out that AOC and her team was careful to blur out the faces of the people waiting so as not to inadvertently shame them. Our media organizations could learn a thing or two from her about responsible reporting.

That’s why they used to say, Don’t trust anyone over 30.

— @subirgrewal