So this is what unity means to the DailyKos leadership.

Notice who retweeted this:


It’s the same person who recently said this in a HuffPo interview.

“There was a contingent of Bernie bros that still exist, that are still whining and crying and making demands, instead of putting their words into actions,” he said. “You had a Bernie supporter running in Kansas 4 ? an out Berniecrat. They should’ve opened up and funded this guy. Why didn’t they? Daily Kos did more for this Bernie-supporting candidate than the whiny Bernie people themselves.” […] — HuffPo

For the record, Our Revolution made several thousand phone calls, volunteers had several thousand text conversations with voters in Kansas and the “Bernie people” staffed Thompson’s campaign on the ground. 

Moulitsas said he expects nothing from the party and is therefore never disappointed. “I never think, ‘What is the party going to do?’ Never. Doesn’t cross my mind. I assume the party is broken and irrelevant. So what do you do? You do it yourself. So in this case, we did it ourself and didn’t sit around asking why the D-trip wasn’t involved.” — HuffPo

It’s actually Ben Ray Lujan’s job to get more Democrats elected to the House, when are we going to begin holding the DCCC chair’s feet to the fire? In an almost comical scene, the DCCC didn’t even mention the Kansas race on Twitter. Didn’t call for phonebank volunteers, nothing.

Oh, I forgot, we have to assume the party is “broken and irrelevant”. That leaves us free to indulge in some more Bernie bashing.

For someone who believes the Democratic party is “broken and irrelevant”, Kos sure does spend a whole lot of time bemoaning the fact that Bernie hasn’t joined it yet.


Why would you ever care whether Bernie belongs to a party you assume is “broken and irrelevant”? 

Perhaps there is a method to the madness. Maybe Kos is just holding Our Revolution and Bernie to a higher standard than the Democratic establishment because he believes OR/Bernie are less “broken and irrelevant”. Or else it’s just Kos being his illogical, double-standard self.

Then there’s this retweet and tweet:


Markos Moulitsas?@markos

At this point it’s clear, Bernie’s definition of “progressive” is nothing more than “supported me in 2016.” He’s still settling scores.2,01111:00 AM – Apr 21, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy1,089 people are talking about this

I won’t rehearse the actual quote that prompted this response, Ian Reifowitz covered it in adequate detail. There is a temptation to dismiss this too as Kos being his usual hare-brained, hair-trigger self. But it’s an instructive episode.

Ossoff interned for and had the support of John Lewis, ditto for Hank Johnson. Raul Grijalva who is chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (which Lewis and Johnson are also part of) advocated for Ossoff. So Ossoff had a lot of support from progressive Democrats in and outside of Georgia. There were four other Democrats in the primary. None of the others made much headway, but that doesn’t mean Ossoff was the most progressive, in fact Ossoff presented himself as a “moderate”. Now that he’s won the primary, he has Bernie’s support.

What is Kos and Nir’s excuse for not endorsing Thompson till two days before the general election?

And here’s a question for the people who are upset at Bernie for going to Omaha and appearing in public with Heath Mello. Let’s set aside that this is a public appearance organized as part of a national tour by the “broken and irrelevant” party. Where were you when Hillary Clinton was meetingsupported and campaigned with Joe Manchin on several occasions? Manchin “identifies” as pro-life, and as a Governor and Senator carries a lot more weight. Why weren’t you writing lengthy diatribes about how you wouldn’t back down on choice and allow the “presumptive nominee” to sell out reproductive rights? Where were you when Hillary, on the campaign trail, suggested she would compromise on a “constitutional action” to restrict abortions. Seriously, why weren’t we raking our presumptive presidential nominee over the coals on that one?

This fracas isn’t about reproductive rights, it isn’t about civil rights or any other issue really. It’s about whether or not progressives will wrest control of the Democratic party from the centrist/third-way faction who’ve held sway for 25 years. Progressives have, and will continue to unequivocally support women’s right to choose and will always support equal rights for all. And nothing will stop DailyKos’ leadership from repeated attempts to misconstrue their actions in ways that “moderate”, “compromising” Democrats don’t have to deal with.

Nomiki Konst, a journalist and a Sanders delegate in 2016, said that Kos tries to have it both ways with the Sanders movement ? embracing it in substance, but belittling elements of it. “As a lot of other pseudo-lefty groups, they want the best of both worlds, move a little left, bring Bernie people in, while at the same time trashing Bernie’s people left and right,” said Konst, who is a member of the DNC’s unity commission. “If it was a Bernie-bro-free zone, why didn’t they have the women during the primary? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” — HuffPo

It’s instructive to note that Nomiki is a woman, one of many whose support for Bernie is dismissed by Kos and others of his ilk who indulge their prejudices (and hope to trigger others’) by repeatedly using the term “Bernie Bro”.

Finally, adding insult to injury, DKos has added to the front page a person who has spent most of the last 18 months indulging a desire to set everything in sight on fire. Here’s a small sample:

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26 · Apr 21, 2017Replying to @docrocktex26

Bernie can’t get it through his thick ass skull that the WWC majority hasn’t voted Democrat in 50 years precisely b/c of identity politics.

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

Bernie can’t get it through his thick ass skull that socialism doesn’t appeal to the WWC majority b/c they don’t wanna share anything w/POC.1,81812:25 PM – Apr 21, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy654 people are talking about this

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26 · Apr 21, 2017

I’ll “attack” Bernie if I damn well please, if he and his Bros can’t handle it they shouldn’t have attacked women and people of color first.

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

Let me be clear: I don’t support Bernie Benedict Fucking Sanders, and he doesn’t support me. If you can’t handle that, unfollow my account.3,1169:54 AM – Apr 21, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy814 people are talking about this

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26 · Apr 21, 2017Replying to @docrocktex26 @GOP

The absolute LAST fucking thing we’re gonna do is follow Bernie and his unicorns on a wild goose chase for White voters who hate us. GTFOH.

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

For the umpteenth motherfucking time, Bernie *isn’t a Democrat* and doesn’t give a flying fuck about civil/human rights. Case closed, Bro.2,1122:11 PM – Apr 21, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy833 people are talking about this

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26 · Jan 10, 2017Replying to @docrocktex26

Case in point, Bernie. The best plan he’s got for sparking his revolution right now is “don’t obstruct”, so stock up on Bern cream, y’all.

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

Bernie ain’t said shit about the Russians. Bernie ain’t said shit about racist GOP voter suppression/murder of the VRA. Bernie ain’t shit.1,7805:38 PM – Jan 10, 2017Twitter Ads info and privacy832 people are talking about this

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26 · Nov 9, 2016Replying to @docrocktex26

Have mercy on our souls, because racism and misogyny NEVER will.

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

Bernie Benedict Fucking Sanders1,1548:59 AM – Nov 9, 2016Twitter Ads info and privacy445 people are talking about this

Propane Jane™@docrocktex26

Brought to you by the alt left: Bernie, Gary, and Jill. Anything to keep POC down. We see you, Amerikkka. …8411:55 AM – Nov 11, 2016Twitter Ads info and privacy65 people are talking about this

I guess it’s now acceptable for DKos front-pagers to say Bernie supports the Klan, “he ain’t shit”, and can’t get things through “his thick ass skull”.

Does this mean we’ll soon have DKos front-pagers who routinely say similarly incendiary things about Hillary and other people in senior leadership roles?

That will make for some really warm unity, in a gripping shade of scorched earth.